Why we stock Goddess on the Go

Why we stock Goddess on the Go, well that’s easy as it sits within our aesthetic of Australian ownership, ethically manufacturing and natural fabrics.

I was introduced to this brand by Janine Mison, she is a plus size fashion agent and a good person to know!  The brand is owned, operated and manufactured by Janet Molloy an Australian living in Bali, Goddess on the Go was born from the simple yet powerful concept that women could be empowered to honour their curvy bodies and express their fashion individuality. Janet created a dynamic, female-focused company that encourages self-confidence and self-empowerment with style. Her passion is creating comfortable, figure-flattering, ethically produced clothing for women of all ages, shapes and sizes with the aim of helping each individual look amazing, feel fabulous and live joyfully.

Ethical manufacturing is the main reason why we offer you pieces from this brand,  the actual garment is produced in Bali.  Goddess on the Go is an ethically driven clothing brand that works with conscience and care. It is important that the good work we do does no harm to our planet. So they have adopted sustainable sourcing, manufacturing and retail practices, and work to enhance demand for ethical clothing. Practices include using ethically sourced natural fibres and fabrics, manufacturing with waste-reducing cutting and materials, and recycling fabric off-cuts into reusable shopping bags in place of traditional packaging.

Janet is equally passionate about people and nurturing their potential. She has established enlightened employment practices and is committed to improving the livelihoods of those employees. Fair trade policies are followed, and employees are rewarded well, Goddess on the Go management looks for ways to empower disadvantaged women, by providing training, employment and self-sustainability initiatives. She also actively supports local yayasans (foundations) that focus on creating wellness and prosperity, especially for women and children.

The fabric used is Lenzing Modal® from a company which is in the forefront of innovative textiles that enhance wearability and sustainability. It is manufactured from the cellulose of beech trees plantation-grown in Europe and is probably the world’s softest and most sustainable fibre,  it  feels softer next to the skin than cotton, absorbs 50% more moisture and releases it more quickly, making it more comfortable to wear in any climate, it sheds wrinkles quickly, is stain resistant, dries quickly, drapes beautifully and its colors are brilliant and permanent.  Once you’ve worn a Goddess on the Go Modal® garment, we’re convinced that you’ll want a whole new wardrobe!

I selected the styles that I thought would appeal the most and the colours in which those styles should be made, so what we, at The Unique You stock may not be found anywhere else.