Statement shell necklace
Statement shell necklaceStatement shell necklaceShell and wood plaited cord necklaceStatement shell necklaceStatement shell necklace

Statement shell necklace


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Statement shell necklace by Tigress Jewellery

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How beautiful is this statement shell necklace from Tigress Jewellery?  I have restocked from this brand as we had sold out.. I am very impressed with their pieces – the necklaces are unique, unusual, dynamic and vibrant and quality of construction and materials is impressive.

The brown waxed cord is plaited for the first section then into a single strand that goes behind the neck, fixed to this cord is a 10cm wide piece of wood secured by four polished wood beads, suspended by tied fine cord is a fan of 8 cut slices of shell overlaid with a single oyster shell, under this fan are 3 more layers of cut slices of shell each one falling longer than the one above to create a striking statement,  a very unique piece that you may not find in many other places.

It does not have a closure just slip over your head ready to go in seconds, it is adjustable, extended fully the approximate overall length is 96cm and can be shortened to your desired length all the way to the plaited section of the waxed cords by way of a sliding cord closure.

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