Something for that special occasion

I have been asked on occasion if I have a formal section, well – no. I really have not stocked anything in after 5 wear, but I do have something for that special occasion, in a few dresses and jackets which would be perfect for a summer wedding.

Kiyonna do dresses with style very well, I have a few remaining and do re-stock when the exchange rate is right, they are a little heavy and shipping from the USA can be costly, but they are gorgeous dresses and I will continue to stock them if you continue to buy them!

In my opinion, you cannot go past a Kita Ku print jacket, they are stunning, in breathable rayons and cottons, can be dressed up over your dress or I love to wear them over a slimming column of black – it’s like my uniform! Such as these:

The latest fashion from RTM (Room to move) will absolutely be suitable for wearing to a special occasion, don’t you think? , and they are proudly Australian made..

You cannot overlook silk, how stunning are these?

These are truly beautiful garments, with the exception of Kiyonna, they are all from Australian owned brands so we are supporting our home economy, the profit stays here, most of them are manufactured with natural, breathable fabrics and all manufactured ethically, I believe in looking after our environment and you will be purchasing a piece of fashion that will stand the test of time, will not pil, fade or lose shape and will always look as good as new.

As always, until next time,




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