Clearance 50% Off

This is our clearance 50% off category.  These items are from all brands across our store and are the last one of that SKU.  We are usually unable to restock sold out items so once it is the very last one we move them to here and reduce the RRP pricing by at least 50%!  All items are still covered by our 100% money back guarantee, so great savings can be had if the style and size listed here suits you.

We may also include those items of plus size clothing and fashion and accessories of which we have an overstock, we either over ordered or the style or print has not been popular, they are still the original branded item, they are not seconds or discount purchases, they are simply items which have not been popular sellers and may have been in our store room for some time, we need to reduce inventory so you win!

Sorry members, but your discount code cannot be applied to items in this category

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