Scarves & necknots

Scarves and Pashminas to complement any outfit, sourced from a number of manufacturers in different weights and colours all using natural fabrics such as cotton, silk cashmere and linen.  Most are suitable for all year round wear, use them to enhance outfits in summer or chose a heavier fabric in winter to keep the cold out, draping a statement colourful piece over one shoulder can completely transform whatever you are wearing.  Some are large enough to use as a wrap or a belt suitable for all plus size clothing and fashion, the ways to wear and tie a scarf are only limited by our imaginations.

Most recently we have brought in necknots from Canada, we are just about the only retailer in Australia to stock them, they are amazingly versatile, wrap and twist any way that you like, an infinity accessory with endless possibilities, it can be a scarf, a statement necklace, a choker, a tiered necklace, a neck tie, a knotted scarf, a belt or a head band, hand made with premium fabrics.