Where does your fashion come from?

Have you heard this question before? – where does your fashion come from?

Here at The Unique You we believe very much in asking this question when considering brands to stock, they have to fit certain criteria: Be Australian owned, Utilize ethical manufacturing which includes consideration for the staff and the environment and, Use natural fabrics..  This ensures that we are all looking after the environment and the people who live in it.

Some brands fit all 3 criteria such as the linen split back tops from Zoi clothing, these are pure linen, they are also made in Australia of which very few brands are, we are selling them for $85.00 which is great value considering their origin and composition..  Zoi is associated with Swish clothing which is a premium manufacturer of mature womens clothing.

Another Australian owned brand which also manufactures in Australia is RTM (Room to move) this brand does use a fair bit of polyester, but the styling and diverse range of colour and print and the way the fabric has been treated makes them a stand out and value for money, styled for a more formal occasion.

Kita Ku, Samaya Moods and Goddess on the go are all manufactured in Bali where the staff are very well looked after and the fabrics are natural, Goddess on the Go in particular use Lensing Modal™ fibres, the brand is run and owned by Janet Molloy an Australian who has lived there long term – I wish!  As the founder she has created a dynamic, female focused company that encourages self confidence and self empowerment with style.  Her passion is to deliver comfortable, flattering ethically produced clothing for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  This brand fits so well with our aesthetic, it also uses Lensing  an innovative textile that enhances wearability and sustainability. Its Modal® fibre is manufactured from the cellulose of beech trees plantation-grown in Europe and is probably the world’s softest and most sustainable fibre. Goddess on the Go Modal® is the softest, most luxuriously comfortable fabric — it  feels softer next to the skin than cotton, absorbs 50% more moisture and releases it more quickly, making it more comfortable to wear in any climate, separates available in bold colour block..

These are just a few of the ways that you can make a difference just by asking the question of where does your fashion come from, you may pay a little more but you will know that you have helped the environment and you get a fabulous piece of fashion that is going to look just as good in 5 years as it does today.

Thank you for shopping with us, until next time