Stripes are in for spring

All of the brands that we work with have adopted that stripes are in for spring!  Stripes are one of those difficult fashion choices for some, personally I don’t follow fashion ‘rules’ if I like something and I feel comfortable and confident then I will wear it, but I know that a lot of you are not into horizontal stripes, but do they really offend?

Advocado plus is a premier brand that we have been working with for a couple of years now, they offer quality fashion manufactured to premium specifications and finishes, with mainly natural fabrics.  Owning a piece of Advocado Plus fashion will stand the test of time, will not fade, pil or lose shape, and looks fabulous!

The contemporary brand of 17 Sundays has some large bold stripes in their collection, from last season but still relevant are these amazing box cut sheer tunics.

Samaya Moods is a Kita Ku brand, one that we work very closely with, we love it as it offers versatility and value for money using a range of natural fabrics and manufactured ethically, their use of stripes is quite ingenious and more subtle, by using a fabric which already has mesh stripes and laying the print over the top, how fabulous do these look?

We also have a range of stripes in accessories, the RTM brand, local SA brand Bagira, and an incredible top from Zaya from a few seasons back which is on sale..

So – there you have it, stripes in many forms and all looking fabulous!

Until next time



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