The Sonsee Woman story

I am always looking for more brands to add to our store.  I have certain criteria that these brands must have.  They must have an ethical manufacturing process, preferably use natural fabrics and ideally be Australian owned.

Many of you have asked if I would ever stock shapewear, sorry, no – as I feel there are many online retailers already doing this exclusively and very well, but, Sonsee is not shapewear it is simply the most comfortable and long lasting intimate that you will ever wear, so I chose to stock Sonsee Woman.

Vanessa Babuin is the creator of Sonsee, she started her career as a pattern maker in an exclusive wedding fashion house, where she learnt a lot about women, fashion and fit. Moving on to product development, creating private label fashion for large retailers, she learned about hosiery as well, which is when she saw how the limitations of mass production leave some of us behind, especially plus size women. She set out to fix that! In the US she found bloggers who told her that there was nothing available that fits. In Northern Italy she found Sonsee’s amazing 360 degree stretch fibre to solve the problem, and in Australia, she found the TV program, Shark Tank.

She appeared on the first Australian episode and won the support of RedBalloon founder and entrepreneur Naomi Simson, who quickly helped her overcome traditional retailers’ reluctance to invest in the plus size market. Naomi encouraged her to branch out into other neglected areas – intimates and active wear.

As Naomi has quoted her reason for supporting Vanessa.. Sitting on the Shark Tank set listening to Vanessa, the founder of Sonsee Woman, pitch her vision for women feeling fabulous and gorgeous no matter their shape or size… I was extremely uncomfortable – the hosiery and shape-wear that I wore under my ‘costume’ for the audio gear were cutting in and rolling down… Vanessa’s passion and inspiration invited me to support other women. Feeling great about ourselves is an essential part of success. I have helped our customers in feeling wonderful, beautiful and elegant in their chosen lives. I’ve written books about this Live What You Love and Ready To Soar are about people living their dreams. How could I not support Vanessa, Sonsee and all?

As a start I have chosen to stock a range of intimates, if there is demand I will bring in hosiery.

The fabric and process lends itself to be the most comfortable and smoothing intimate by the fabric used and the construction. The products are made in Italy. The super lightweight and breathable ultra stretch fabric is smoothing, not shapewear, which means they are comfortable to wear all day. Seamless construction means no ugly panels and a waistband and leg bands that stay in place without digging, inner thighs are reinforced for comfort and durability.


Italian 360 Degree Stretch

Our Italian 360 Degree Stretch Technology is unlike other hosiery fibre. It has so much elasticity, it creates a lightweight, durable fabric that stretches in every direction. It sculpts to your body and moves with you like a second skin, so there’s no restriction whatsoever. And it remembers you.  No sag, no wrinkles and no tight spots.

Anti-roll waistband

There’s no point having intimates that stretch, only to have a waistband that digs. So we’ve created a clever anti-roll waistband that sits smoothly and comfortably while it keeps in place effortlessly. We use more elastane and build the intensity gradually in a wider band. It works.

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