Shopping for the more mature body shape

Carmen Dell'Orefice, 78.Shopping for the more mature body shape can be a difficult task, in our opinion this is mainly due to the lack of visible plus sized mature models.  We don’t believe that it is an aesthetic issue, there are many mature models working today who are absolutely beautiful, Daphne Selfe, China Machado and Carmen Dell’Orefice to name a few are in their 80’s and the face of major brands, even Cher is the face of Marc Jacobs. Age is not a barrier for still working, being confident and believing in yourself but these ladies are all extremely slim.

There are many plus size models in today’s fashion industry, we do not dispute this at all, just look at the media coverage Ashley Graham and Tess Halliday are getting, however the successful models of today are mostly in their 30’s, yes they are pushing the boundaries and opening many doors, the concept of plus size fashion is changing because of their popularity but the more mature shopper is still not being represented.

This absence of a more mature plus size image in the media is the main reason that I personally model the fashion that we stock in our online boutique The Unique You.  I am not a model at Cher Marc Jacobsall, nor do I pretend to be but I am a passionate small business owner who is giving her customer an accurate representation of how the fashion that we sell looks on a ‘real’ person.

Now I know that not everything suits me, it is not all about the number on the tag of that new top you are looking to purchase but more about body shape.  Once you know your body shape and what suits that particular body shape then we believe that we can shop with more confidence, it’s mostly about achieving the illusion of the hour glass figure, we feel that by showing all shapes on my apple shape helps our customer make the right choice for themselves.

The major brands that we are partnered with do supply images, but their models are again, not mature and not what I would call a plus size but we can then show what the same piece looks like on different body shapes and sizes, we hope that we are making your shopping experience a more informed and easier one!

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