New Designer in Our Store

We are always looking for that edge when it comes to items that we offer our customers at The Unique You, so we would like to introduce you to a New Designer in Our Store.

Metamorphoza is just one of those brands that we have found that matches our niche of uniqueness that we offer in our range of plus size clothing.

Created by the designer Veselina who we see as an upcoming free style designer, she has such a passion for that edgy style, she is based in Bulgaria and she likes to experiment with forms, shapes and silhouettes believing that clothes should be fashion statements. We agree and think that you will also.

Veselina has created fashion with perfect draping and asymmetry that she has made to order for us, we have chosen a range of styles which is bespoke to us for our niche range in Australian sizing, you will not find the colour or styling anywhere else, so now is your chance to own an absolutely unique piece..

They are selling well with these items already in our Clearance at least 50% off section as there is only one left of each of these:


We would love some feedback on Metamorphoza so we can look to bring in more what Veselina has to offer in her designs.

We hope you like them as much as we do.

Peter and Kim