Is the miracle dress for you?

Is the miracle dress for you?  I should change that statement to read the miracle dress IS for you, as it has to be the most versatile dress that we have ever stocked, why you ask?:

  • It is essentially one big triangle, so it fits many body shapes and sizes but is tapered to the hemline and drapes just perfectly.
  • Fabulous for weight fluctuations, we all have them intentional or not!
  • Natural fabrics are used in modals, rayons and bamboo so they feel fabulous against your skin and they breath.
  • It can be worn as is, belted, knotted at the hem or the waist line, use a clothes clip to adjust the hemline or to gather at the back.
  • It can be dressed down with sneakers, kicks or add heels and a stunning clutch.
  • Dress it up with chunky statement necklaces
  • It comes in a range of striking prints and plains
  • It is affordable at $62.00

We sold out of the plain black and navy three times over, we still have stunning prints in stock – we think that you perhaps need to take a closer look.