Is flattering your ‘f’ bomb?

I recently came across an article asking Is flattering your ‘f’ bomb by Liz Black who is the lead plus size writer for Refinery 29, I love her writing as she is brutally honest and talks more about body image and what is flattering rather than the fashion itself.

Isn’t that what we all want? To feel damned good and be comfortable in what ever we wear, I will be the first to admit that I have a terrible body image, I do not like a lot of my body, recent life events for me have led to a lot of emotional eating, my weight fluctuates a lot, but the key to feeling confident is to wear fashion that flatters.

As Liz states and I quote “I’m talking about “flattering.” Everyone has their trigger word, and that F bomb is mine. Let’s be honest, when we declare something “flattering,” it means that my cellulite is covered, my stretch marks are hidden, and rolls neatly tucked away. Any part of my body considered unseemly by societal standards should be smoothed out, and I should look slimmer than I actually am. But, here’s the rub: I don’t dress for “society,” I dress for myself. I wasn’t always flatter-phobic. I desperately clung to the idea of slimming clothes when I despised my body. I feared appearing even an ounce larger than I actually was, and I spent too many hours trying to turn myself into an optical illusion. I’d swaddle myself in shapewear and wrap myself in head-to-toe black. I clearly had been cursed with curves and cellulite, and needed to atone for my body’s multitude of sins. I felt that if I found just the right black dress, I could make my flaws disappear, maybe even make myself disappear.”

As we age, yes our tastes change, we learn from experiences what works and what does not.  We don’t need to keep up with the latest trends any more, and we probably know by now what flatters our body shape.

I am a definite apple and some fashion that I model here on The Unique You I know does not suit me, but it gives you a visual representation of what could possibly suit you, and I hope that you do find something that flatters.