Behind the Store

Hello, and welcome to The Unique You blog, here is a little about us behind the store.

Kim and I are new to this so we will be learning as we go, so if you have ideas or suggestions then please feel free to add your comments, we would appreciate it!

To start with we thought we would share a bit of a background into who we are. In the about us on the web site main page is how we came about starting The Unique You but this is a little bit about us personally and our fight.

Kim and I have been happily living together for just over 10 years now and she was going through breast cancer when we met. It is awesome to say that she is still free of cancer now and as a survivor we like to support the breast cancer foundation.breast_cancer

In my case I unfortunately in 2011 was told that I had colon cancer, I had the surgery to remove it in August of that year, along with months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and a temporary ileostomy. Unfortunately that was only the start of my battle. Since then it has moved around a bit and has metastasized to my lungs, brain and a couple of spots on my ribs and pelvis. In December of 2014 the tumour was removed successfully from my brain but the 8 tumours in my lungs will be the long term fight. I also have had a skin melanoma removed from my shoulder in 2013 with no more turning up so far … ya.

So I am currently back on chemotherapy treatments each fortnight and we will see how that goes. Kim and I have, we think one of the best oncologist and medical team looking after me at Flinders Hospital and Cancer centre here in Adelaide.  I am a strong believer that having the right attitude to your illness does help and I am always aiming for a positive one (although at times that is not always easy to do).  I still consider myself to be one of the lucky ones as there are a lot more people in this world that are worse off than me and our thoughts go out to those people.

So moving forward from here Kim and I have recently sold our share in the wholesale milk business which kept us busy (and stressed!) 24/7 for the last 10 years. We are planning to enjoy our time together with less stress and strain and concentrating on doing something we both enjoy. Our on-line plus size women’s clothing store is now our only business and we are enjoying the much less stressful challenges of running it which now also gives us time to focus on improving my health by choosing the right lifestyle.

We hope that you can participate in our discussions here you are all more than welcome to comment.

Thank you for listening!

Sadly, Peter lost his battle with cancer in June of 2016, I am continuing in his memory, we started this business together and I will move forward alone, he would have wanted me to be as successful as I can be, and quite honestly it is keeping me focused as I adjust to living life alone.  Thank you for visiting our online boutique, each one of you is very much appreciated.  Kim