Accurate representation is required!

Accurate representation is required! We came across an article recently where it was stated that online giant Boohoo were using size 12 models to model pieces from their plus size range.  This is just not on, there are many plus size models and bloggers who could have been used but rather than accurately represent they went with what can only be considered a more pleasing image?  Boohoo target the younger customer,  but like all retailers they have a responsibility to accurately advertise what they are selling – all online sites do.. The model herself took to social media to justify which she did not have to, she is a size 12 and an in between size and has stated that safety pins have been used on some of the clothing that she has been photographed in – this is an even bigger crime surely!’s idea of plus size



Have you seen Brands Exclusive doing the same thing?  Although their idea of a plus size model was even more extreme, they looked no bigger than a size 8, the image below of the purple top was being sold as plus size, but it looks as though her arms have been photo shopped to be even smaller – WHY??

Brands Exclusive use these images


We won’t even go there with the Chinese online giant Ali Express – their idea of selling plus size is to photograph tiny models wearing something that is way too big for them, but using their hands to illustrate the size, or even worse – put both legs through the same leg hole!!

A Chinese ideal of plus size!

Summer-legging-hot-sell-quality-women-s-fashion-sexy-brands-cheap-new-explosion-proof-light-shorts.jpg_220x220 Plus-Size-Underwear-Women-Seamless-Sexy-Panties-Briefs-Ultra-thin-Calcinha-Pantie-Trimming-bragas-ropa-interior.jpg_220x220

This could be taken as a joke on their part but they have no idea!

Maybe they think it is not ‘aesthetically pleasing’ for the overall image of their website, this I can relate to..  I model the fashion on The Unique You simply because of this reason, our best selling sizes are 20 through 24, those ladies who need this size want to see it modelled on their size, not on someone smaller and use their imagination!

I will continue to do this, as I believe in accurate representation.  I have taken my fair share of negative criticism, especially on social media, comments like: “lose weight for your health”…”dreadful clothes for bigger women”…”that really does not suit you at all”…  Look, due to my body shape some of the fashion that we sell does not suit me – but at least it gives a visual size representation – yes?

Even some of the brands that we are retailers for use much smaller models in their images, although this works for us really well, as we can display the same garment on different sizes giving an even more accurate representation of how it would look on you – we do stock from sizes 14 through 24, in their defence the models for Kita Ku and Advocado Plus are at least a size 14, these manufacturers are two of our more popular brands.


Finally, I believe that our online boutique is accurately representing the true plus size, I am an Aus Plus 18 to 20 and I represent our average customer!