Wish misrepresenting plus size fashion

Accurate representation is found here!

I see this repeatedly, online sites – often Chinese owned advertising plus size fashion on regular sized bodies, which is why accurate representation is found here!  I get in front of the camera for this exact reason – I am selling plus size fashion, so you need to see it represented on a plus size […]

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Orange Linen split back top

Where does your fashion come from?

Have you heard this question before? – where does your fashion come from? Here at The Unique You we believe very much in asking this question when considering brands to stock, they have to fit certain criteria: Be Australian owned, Utilize ethical manufacturing which includes consideration for the staffs wages and working conditions, how waste products […]

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RTM Vibrant blue overlay dress

Something for that special occasion

I have been asked on occasion if I have a formal section, well – no. I really have not stocked anything in after 5 wear, but I do have something for that special occasion, in a few dresses and jackets which would be perfect for a summer wedding. Kiyonna do dresses with style very well, […]

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Lantana red paisley lace long side split shirt by Advocado

We stock many variations on the classic shirt

Yes, we stock many variations on the classic shirt!  They are such a wardrobe staple and versatile, anything that is button up can be worn closed or open as a jacket, even over your favourite dress, they can be tucked in, they can be left untucked over pants, jeans or skirts.  They can be in […]

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Bagira Tan spot long mullet tee

Going local with Bagira

I have certain criteria that brands must adhere to before agreeing to stock them, being Australian owned is one of them – I am going local with Bagira the label. Bagira is owned very locally to me as they are a South Australian owned, they are not necessarily known as being plus size fashion orientated […]

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Parallel universe navy stripe shirt

Stripes are in for spring

All of the brands that we work with have adopted that stripes are in for spring!  Stripes are one of those difficult fashion choices for some, personally I don’t follow fashion ‘rules’ if I like something and I feel comfortable and confident then I will wear it, but I know that a lot of you […]

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So what would you expect to pay for quality?

So what would you expect to pay for quality?  I ask this question, as of late I have been getting increasing comments on social media that our pricing is too high, such as:   Far too expensive,  Way too rich for me, Wow so expensive, So expensive not realistic at all   So this got me thinking, […]

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Slate Emilia modal empire waist tunic

Why we stock Goddess on the Go

Why we stock Goddess on the Go, well that’s easy as it sits within our aesthetic of Australian ownership, ethically manufacturing and natural fabrics. I was introduced to this brand by Janine Mison, she is a plus size fashion agent and a good person to know!  The brand is owned, operated and manufactured by Janet […]

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Is the miracle dress for you?

Is the miracle dress for you?  I should change that statement to read the miracle dress IS for you, as it has to be the most versatile dress that we have ever stocked, why you ask?: It is essentially one big triangle, so it fits many body shapes and sizes but is tapered to the hemline […]

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How do you fit 17 Sundays?

Recently I made the choice to stock Australian contemporary brand 17 Sundays, this has turned out to be a pretty good decision as you love the brand judging by the sales..  The brand fits with my criteria being an Australian owned brands which manufactures in an ethical way and uses natural fabrics, the brand has an […]

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