Clothing brands and designers — which one to choose

Clothing brands and designers — which one to choose? Which one do you pick?

This is not an easy answer in that each fuller figured designer or Brand will tell you their product is the best.

At The Unique You we believe the best answer to this dilemma in our opinion comes down to what you expect from your purchase. So here are a few  tips to help you select the right garment for you.

If you are a fashion conscience and outgoing then you would perhaps be looking for the high end market where the well known designer brands with prices to match are. You will most likely only wear it once or twice, still you will look stunning in it! – The down side here excusing the high price you paid is try washing them 10 times, do they still look as good?  A lot of high end clothes are still made in China, Indonesia or Bangladesh sweatshops right next door to the designer copy that you can buy at your local market place for one third of the cost. So if price is not a issue and you absolutely must have the best then maybe check out designers such as Michael Kors, Christian Siriano, Igigi, Eileen Fisher or Lala Belle.

If you are after something  that you can wear out to dinner, family gatherings and the like a few times a year, and still look great  without breaking the bank, then do your homework on who makes the brand and what material they use.  Some well known designers only design for certain retail outlets, and some of those companies have the designer clothing made very cheaply in overseas sweat shops, but will still charge you a premium price.

The fabric is everything, cheap low grade thin cotton or polyester used in those overseas sweat shops just will not last, and will lose shape each time you wash it. At The Unique You we chose to only sell quality mid range brands that manufacture ethically and use natural fibres, we also look first for Australian Owned brands, such as Kita Ku, Samaya Moods Advocado Plus and Lillianna Plus.  These brands all use only premium quality fibres such as rayon, cottons, silks and viscose, that together with the styling designs will stand the test of time and hold their shape and quality, so if you are looking for something to keep and wear more than once then check out some of the plus size fashion that we have in store.

    • At the end of the day search on-line first, find the brand and style you like then check where and how it is manufactured, plus what guarantee of quality and service is offered. You can then decide if the price you are paying is value for money.At The Unique You we offer 100% money back if you are not happy with your purchase.