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Why I stock the Rebel Wilson x Angels brand and why it is all on Clearance

I was approached by the Australian agent to be an official stockist for the Rebel Wilson x Angels brand, I was told it would only be my site The Unique You and The Iconic, so pretty much exclusive.  Rebel is a well known Plus Sized Aussie so I thought this would be a winning brand.  I was wrong!

It just did not sell, not sure why..  Yes the range is Rebel Wilsons', but it is managed by an American company, so designed and styled for the American market, they wear much more body conscious fashion than we do in Australia, it is also in American sizing although I measured one of each size and created my own size chart so you know which size to chose, also released in American seasons, so what was delivered in my first order in March of 2018 was summer stock when we were going into Autumn.  I notice that The Iconic still has some of this initial release, so it has to be that the brand does not suit the Aussie market.


As I do with all items on my website, I wear it in front of the camera, I do this so I can report on fit and function and give an accurate representation of what plus size fashion looks like on a plus size body, I am an Au 18 - 20.  Within hours of doing so I was contacted by the agent and asked to remove my images as I was not representing the target market that the brand was aiming for, essentially I am too old - what the??? 

I had already paid for the stock, which was a big investment, it was my website so they could mind their own business... Repeated calls and emails I was basically bullied into doing what they wanted, I was only to use images supplied by the brand.  If you look at the socials for the brand, they only ever use images of Rebel, or professional models.  I was also excluded from any promotions, the Iconic was the only website ever mentioned to be a stockist, I am not on the brands' website as an official stockist either.


Rant over!  In summation, it has been an expensive exercise as the brand just does not sell, the fabrication is there, the manufacturing is excellent.  I need to clear this stock, it does not make good business sense to have stock sitting for more than a year on my website, so I have reduced everything to only $30.00.  This is way below cost, I won't make any profit - but it has to go..


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  • Myself loved the Rebel line.. my favorites are the more edgy, biker-ish .

  • I’m so very glad I discovered your site on fb. I love the clothing I ordered
    Everything is well made and looks great. I most certainly will be ordering from this store again. I ordered a Rebel side tied white t shirt which I love, and have had nice complements about .

    Helen Kaur
  • Wow…love your story…the clothes look way better on you…a much better representation of the fit…

  • Good on you Kim – I am not a fan of the Rebel Wilson line and now even more so for them to have treated you like this. You are an honest professional lady and good on you for telling us, your customers what has happened. My advice is stick to the beautiful Aussie brands you sell – they are suited to the Aussie climate and they look lovely, classic and classy. You will always have my support and patronage. Kind regards Helen

    Helen Bawden OAM

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