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We live in unsettling times, but it's all temporary.

Just putting my thoughts down from the perspective of a micro business owner.  

2020 is quite frankly off to a crap start! Drought, Fire, Flooding, Pandemics, it is pretty difficult to remain upbeat - yes?  I am also aware of the irony of writing this on Friday 13th!

Whilst none of these events have affected me, or my property personally, I am feeling the effects of the potential of what the current Coronavirus outbreak can do to the worlds' finances, let alone the health risks.  I feel confident that I will not contract it, I live alone, I work from home, I am of good health, I do not know anyone who has been diagnosed, I am aware that this could change, I am not that naive to think I will be immune so I take precautions when going out, like using hand sanitizer, using antibacterial wipes on handles of shopping trolleys, wiping the surfaces of tables if I am eating out, anything that my hands could come in contact with.  I use paywave at checkouts so I do not have to touch the keypad, the first thing I do when returning home is to wash my hands..

Governments are now taking steps to prevent further spread that should have happened weeks ago, like banning international travel and closing borders to people from the countries most affected, my eldest son lives in Europe, he is in home isolation, he has not been diagnosed, it is a mandatory precaution imposed on the entire city where he lives, I know he and his wife will be okay.. 

My primary concern is what is happening to my business, The Unique You is my only source of income, I do not have a partner bringing in a separate wage, so it has to cover all business and household costs.  I have paid for what you see on my website, I have advertising and marketing costs, I have to pay GST and tax to the ATO, there are many costs involved with running a business.  I would not have it any other way though, I love working for myself from home, but I am a little concerned about the downturn in sales, a pending recession perhaps?  I am confident that this is all temporary, the virus will be contained, borders will open again, people will go back to living life and loving it as we all should, but in the short term it is very concerning, a daily exercise of watching analytics..

Timing, for you as a shopper is pretty good though, my Autumn/Winter indent orders will arrive in April/May, so currently I have all remaining Summer stock on sale, the same amazing quality but at a great price..

Being an online only business is good for avoiding contact with others, kind of sounds sad, but it is what I have to do I guess, here is looking to a bright future, which I know will be coming - someday soon...


Until next time


**  But who knew, here we are, it's almost Christmas and Covid-19 is still so prevelant, I have a son living in the Netherlands who is in lockdown over Christmas, many people I know living in the UK are in the same situation.  Living isolated as we do in Australia it was easier to control by closing the international borders, it is essentially under control, but it flares up occasionally,.  Stay safe everyone and remember the constant; social distance, wash hands, wear masks..  It is taking a lot longer to control than anyone anticipated, but with a vaccine now in play we will win..  **

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