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How are you realling coping today?

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Let me know if this resonates? I’ve been saying ‘I’m fine’ for too long. And if you are the same, let someone know. Admitting it to yourself is the first step, how are you coping with the world? ♥️♥️♥️

We live in unsettling times, but it's all temporary.

We live in unsettling times, but it's all temporary.

Just putting my thoughts down from the perspective of a micro business owner.  2020 is quite frankly off to a crap start! Drought, Fire, Flooding, Pandemics, it is pretty difficult to remain upbeat - yes?  I am also aware of the irony of writing this on Friday 13th!

Whilst none of these events have affected me, or my property personally, I am feeling the effects of the potential of what the current Coronavirus outbreak can do to the worlds' finances, let alone the health risks.  I feel confident that I will not contract it, I live alone, I work from home, I am of good health, I do not know anyone who has been diagnosed, I am aware that this could change, I am not that naive to think I will be immune so I take precautions.