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Our great country is burning, we have to help

I run an online store, I sell fashion, it is my single source of income so I post on social media, on Google, on blogs about what I have to sell, about how great it will look on you, I need to do it, we all need an income - yes?

But lately I am finding it very difficult to do so when all I see are haunting images from the devastation and suffering that these fires are causing, it is unimaginable as to how much of our great country is burning.

The grass and trees will regrow, fire is necessary for some native micro climates, but what Australia is experiencing now is beyond.  It is difficult to comprehend the loss of wildlife, of plant species, not to mention loss of human life, of domestic animals, loss of possessions, loss of livelihoods.  I have stayed in my air-conditioned home whilst these heatwaves have passed over us, I can only imagined what those affected by these fires have gone through.

I live in the southern Adelaide suburbs, I am not personally affected by fire, we have had a lot of smoke, but that is nothing.  I used to run a business through the Adelaide Hills I know it well and have spent a lot of time travelling it's roads and beautiful landscape, I know people who live in affected areas, I feel for them and this is just local to me.  NSW has been on fire for almost two months.  People had to be rescued by the Navy from a beach in VIC.  Almost every state has devastation.

Whilst I cannot personally stop this, I can donate to those who can, we all can.  Here are but a few links - I hope that we can all make a difference, I hope these fires will be extinguished sooner rather than later, my thoughts are with those of you who have been affected..

                             SA Rural Fire Service:
NSW Rural Fire Service:
VIC Rural Fire Service:
QLD donations:

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