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How are you realling coping today?

Hi all

Just an impromptu post, I have been seeing a number of posts from bloggers, influencers and those that I interact with on social media talking about how they are really feeling with regard to Covid - 19 or being in a slump or experiencing more emotional extremes.

I've just always thought to myself- yeah me too, but it will end soon and we will all just get on with it.  I don't think anyone thought that it would be more than a year later and to be honest, some things are worst now rather than better.

Yes - in Australia our government closed borders a long time ago, which has kept us relatively safe from the virus, we only have an all time total case number of less than 30,000.  It is still out of control, worldwide there have been more than 164 million cases, maybe higher, not all cases are being reported in some regions, so we are just keeping it out of our home, not eliminating it, I don't know if we will ever get back to normal, perhaps this is our 'new normal'?

Closing borders is smart, but is being isolated from the rest of the world a good idea?  Our trade is suffering, our local jobs (especially in the travel industry) are going or gone.  Not to mention the emotional and mental aspects of being prevented from seeing loved ones, personally this affects me deeply, I have a 4 month old Grandson in Amsterdam, I do not know how old he will be before I meet him. I know there are loads of you in the same boat, how many weddings, funerals, family celebrations are we missing out on.

Today is turning out to be a difficult day which is why I am writing this, maybe it will help me, maybe it will resonate with you and help you? 

Over the last couple of days I have been working on SEO, finding new backlinks to improve google ranking, creating more FB ads to increase traffic, checking out if my keywords rank against others - it is mind boggling!  Most things I have tried to do today have been difficult, mostly because I do not understand how they all work, but that annoying 'ping' when things don't go right on my computer is adding to the emotional stress, and worry about making sales targets and getting enough in to pay suppliers that I broke down, I shed a few tears and I shouted, most unexpected for me, but I did!

I'll be fine, I will see the brighter things soon, there are many. I will maybe go for a walk later, I will go to the post office and maybe just step away for a minute, go for a coffee or sit by the beach.  Shut my computer down and focus on what does bring me joy, I cannot change what happens, but I can change how I think about what stresses me and adapt, we all can..

I think I feel better already putting things in words... How do you cope?


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