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Business as usual

Hi there

These are unsettling times, unprecedented and scary as hell!  

On a personal note I have been working from home since 2004, I live alone now so I am pretty adapt at social distancing!  I am only going out for groceries and to the street posting box at my local shopping centre post office.  I use wipes before I get my trolley at the supermarket, wipe the handle down, then get another wipe to go around the supermarket to open freezer doors, I use pay wave so I do not have to touch the keypad on checkout. I also use a wipe to pull down the handle on the postbox to place your parcel in, I thoroughly wash my hands when returning home..

From a business perspective, what you see on my website is in my house, in storage cubes in my spare room, everything is in it's own plastic bag so I do not need to touch the garment that you are purchasing, I am fully stocked on all packaging materials, I use Australia Post's online business account where I can pay for postage using Pay Pal and print my own labels, so I do not need to be in contact with staff at the Post Office, good for me and them!

In short, shopping online with me is very safe, and for you when you are self isolating at home when you cannot be in contact with anyone at all! What a sad but unnecessary thing to say..

My business is very quiet at the moment, which is understandable with the instability of the economy and employment, but rest assured I have done everything that I can to ensure that you stay safe, The Unique You is my only household income so it has to cover all business and personal costs, which right now it is not doing, very trying times - but it will improve, I have no doubt of that.. 

We all must do our bit to contain this virus, it will be contained, life will return to normal so we can all look forward to living lives to the fullest, even more so once we are clear, stay well..



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