Accurate representation is found here!

I see this repeatedly, online sites – often Chinese owned advertising plus size fashion on regular sized bodies, which is why accurate representation is found here!  I get in front of the camera for this exact reason – I am selling plus size fashion, so you need to see it represented on a plus size body!

Now I do cop a fair amount of negativity about my size and appearance most of the time it’s like water off a duck’s back to me but when it gets personal stating that I am not attractive enough – that does sting.. anyway – I am moving off topic.  As a result of seeing this type of marketing, the point that I am trying to get across is that at The Unique You, plus size fashion is accurately presented, and because I do get in front of the camera I can comment on the fit and be honest enough to let you know how something really does fit.  As a result of some positive and encouraging comments, there are some! – I am becoming confident enough to be the face of my business.

Okay – lets look at some examples of shoddy merchandise and advertising starting with Wish, a great article was written about their ridiculous marketing of plus size lingerie on the Sydney Morning Herald and it received a barrage of criticism, but they still do it..  I logged on to their website (you can only do it by signing up) to see for myself, searched for plus size, this is what came up, so where are the plus sized models?  Then again they are selling ‘fashion’ for crazy cheap prices that will probably only last one wear anyway!

Wish plus size

I then looked on Amazon, released recently into Australia with not much fan fare, they are selling brands I have never heard of like: Sannysis, Aliven, Yinrom, Angerella, Enlachic, Mrelt do these sound made up to you?  At least some models were plus sized, but their size chart shows that a size XXL is a 16?  I also recognized a dress on one of their brands call Dayseventh – it is one from a pretty famous USA designer, they even used that designers image, now that is NOT on and definitely not accurately representing!

Here are some random images from other online retailing giants Brands Exclusive and Alibaba showing how they sell plus size fashion:

This type of marketing makes it very difficult for authentic sites like mine– I buy all of the fashion that is available from reputable Australian owned brands,  such as Kita Ku, Advocado Plus, and 17 Sundays to name a few so I can confidently say that they are manufactured in an ethical way, the workers are well looked after and the majority of the fabrics are natural, each piece will last and stand the test of time.  Surely the above sites cannot make that claim, there are so many stories about customers not receiving what they ordered..

I will stand by my statement that accurate representation is found here online at The Unique You..

Rant over!  Thank you for listening..







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